President of DRAE

Rev Marianne Uri Øverland

Curriculum vitae
Rev Marianne Uri Øverland is «Forstanderinne» at Diakonissehuset Lovisenberg in Oslo, Norway. She is ordained as a pastor in the Church of Norway (Lutheran) She has completed degrees in Theology, Literature and Education. She has done congregational work both as a pastor and as a chief administrator and has been teaching at a theological college both in Norway and in Botswana. Some of her theological training she did in USA and Germany. She is serving on different boards both political and church related. Marianne is married to Atle Sommerfeldt and they have a daughter. She was born 1952.

Her vision for DIAKONIA Region Africa-Europe: To continue working on the understanding of diaconia in the biblical context. To be a voice in the diaconal discussions. To further enable the identification of diaconal challenges in our communication. To identify and invite new organizations into our fellowship.