6th-10th September 2023: Neuendettelsau, Germany

Theme: “Hope in a fragile world”

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Since the early summer of this year, there have been frequent references to the upcoming DIAKONIA-DRAE e.V. Regional Conference in September 2023. The ExCo and the preparation group in Neuendettelsau have been working intensively on the conference and with this email you are now receiving the invitation letter with all the information you and the members of your organisation need for the moment.

The Regional Conference is a venue to meet again and to deepen and strengthen our community. At the same time, it is also the place for our working meetings, where your issues and those of DRAE are raised and decided. This is done through your delegates. Our constitution specifies in §6 that each member organisation can send one delegate for every 250 registered members, up to a maximum of five. Each delegate has one vote. Perhaps you already know who will represent you?

We ask you to spread the invitation letter widely in your organisation so that many know about it and can decide to attend.

We look forward to seeing you and

I greet you warmly on behalf of the whole ExCo,

Sister Gunhild Heidke

Secretary of DIAKONIA-DRAE e.V.

Complete Registration form here:

Complete Registration form here:


June 2019: Edinburgh, Scotland and 25th Anniversary of DRAE

Theme: “For Such a Time as This.” 19th to 24th of June , 2019, Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, Scotland

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July 2015: Kongshaug, Norway

Theme: “The Eye of the Storm.” Diaconia – the biblical challenge for the whole church in the world we live in.

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July 2011: Moshi, Tanzania

This DRAE Assembly took place in Moshi, Tanzania. The title and theme was: Help from beyond the Mountain.

June 2007: Basel, Switzerland

This DRAE Assembly took place in June 2007 in Basel Switzerland. The title and theme was Friendship – a gift to share – diaconal calling.

October 2003: Beni Sueff, Egypt

This DRAE Assembly took place in Beni Sueff, Egypt. The title and theme was: Stranger in a Foreign Land