Who We Are/History

DIAKONIA Region Africa Europe is one of three regional groups of the DIAKONIA World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Diaconal Communities.

Although only formerly constituted in 1994, DRAE dates back to the late 1940’s when diaconal groups came together to address issues and needs arising from the aftermath of World War II.

Today, DRAE brings together diaconal groups from 20 countries across Africa and Europe and represents over 16,000 people engaged in the mission of the Gospel.

DRAE is managed by an elected Executive Committee and governed by a Constitution.


  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Empowerment for diaconal commitment and work
  • Advocating for dignity of people and social justice
  • Mutual exchange

International networking of

  • Diaconal associations
  • Christian communities
  • Groups of diaconal workers


  • To be a part of a worldwide community
  • To experience mutual understanding of diaconal workers in different contexts
  • To provide an avenue for fellowship through regional and world assemblies

DIAKONIA World Federation

  • reflects on the nature and task of diakonia in the biblical context
  • links and gathers those who are engaged in diaconal work worldwide
  • encourages, supports and empowers the development of groups doing diaconal work
  • is a living experience of  ecumenical relationships

Membership consists of associations, organizations and communities of deaconesses, deacons, diaconal brothers and sisters, diaconal ministers and other church workers.

DIAKONIA World Federation

  • furthers the understanding of the diaconate
  • provides a network of mutual relationships crossing church traditions and cultural boundaries
  • strengthens a sense of community and understanding among all member organizations
  • encourages member organizations to explore their diaconal calling
  • provides a forum for discussion of diaconal issues including social justice and reconciliation
  • organizes a world assembly every four years